Joe Hall maybe taking throwback Creole music to new heights, but only with the realization he’s part of a proud, rich tradition”

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Joe Hall & The Cane Cutters


Joe Hall & The Cane Cutters

Joe Hall learned accordion from his grandfather Clement “King” Ned.  Joe honors Clement’s legacy in his“Masse Family Two Step” recording.  Joe was influenced by legendary Creole and Cajun musicians Bois Sec Ardion and Marc Savoy.

Paul grew up playing Creole and Zydeco music. His Grandfather and Uncle still play with bands today. Paul developed his unique style on the drums and as a young man while touring with Jeffrey Broussard, Willis Prudhomme and others

An upcoming musician with a voyageur’s soul. A native of Cecelia Louisiana, Forest was influenced by legendary Cajun musicians as a young player, and he continues to hone his craft with a reverence for the masters.

Mark began playing Cajun and Zydeco music after chasing his family heritage from Belgium to Breaux Bridge Louisiana. His love for traditional music has led him to study”knee to knee” throughout Appalachia and Louisiana with many master musicians.

Carol carries on the tradition of her father, Ralph Wells, a multi-instrumentalist and renowned Jazz bass player. She and her husband Mark have been playing together for nearly four decades.


Joe Hall  (accordion) The Hall family was blessed with a hard-working father figure who provided for his family of six out on the southwest Louisiana prairies. Even though Joe never had to work in the fields like most of the Creole sharecroppers since the days of the Civil War, his is an old soul. He did not necessarily break corn or pick sweet potatoes, but he did lend an attentive ear to the many kernels of ancient wisdom from his elders. They recognized him as the anointed one and willingly, Joe Hall accepted the torch of the Creole cultural flame.
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Marshall Baker (fiddle) grew up in Portland, Oregon USA. His father taught him to play the fiddle when he was six and he hasn't stopped playing since. He entered local and national contests and usually placing top five in the state championships.  Marshall now tours with Joe Hall & The Cane Cutters and plays regularly on Bourbon Street at his view home in New Orleans, Louisiana. Baker describes fiddling as having its own little subculture and is honored to play with Joe Hall & The Cane Cutters.
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Mark Palms (guitar) a musician who chased the heritage of traditional American music by studying knee-to-knee with cultural giants from West Virginia to West Africa. Mark joined forces with Joe Hall when they met in Louisiana at the Eunice Mardi Gras in 2005.  He founded Fruge Records to support Louisiana artists (Nolton Semien, Mitch Reed) and as a member of The Cane Cutters or as a solo artist, Mark continues to honor the legacy of traditional masters through performing and teaching.

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